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Multi-Location Internet

With multiple locations, Simply Bits will streamline your communications by building a network system to link users who are physically separated or in different cities. After reviewing your specific needs, we design an infrastructure to work across multiple locations with no lines or circuits required. You can easily transfer calls between offices with a four digit extension; centralize operators or specialties; easily relocate users and resources; forward calls among locations; and if needed, we are happy to provide consolidated billing.

We have a solid history of managing highly reliable broadband networks for some of the largest commercial and government enterprises in Southern Arizona. Let Simply Bits be your network manager, integrating multiple sources and technologies to provide you with a single, secure network optimized to make your organization safer and more efficient.

Custom Network Design

Simply Bits provides expertise in custom tailoring solutions for every unique situation.

  • Choose from 1.0 Mbps to 1 Gbps Ethernet per location
  • Choose backbone speeds that are designed to support shared bandwidth or aggregate bandwidth, depending on your requirements
  • Choose from star, ring, or hybrid topology designs
  • Choose from fiber, licensed or unlicensed wireless or Simply Bits leased copper services from local partners

Get Started

Our redundant network infrastructure allows us to provide many excellent services our subscribers demand. Reach out to us today to see how we will elevate your business to a new level of customer service and satisfaction!

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