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Temporary or Remote Internet Service

Owning and operating the largest private high-speed voice and data network in Southern Arizona gives us the flexibility to engineer and deploy high-speed Internet connections where traditional providers are unable to provide service.

This is a major benefit to customers holding temporary events or events in remote areas. Whether you are hosting a conference and need Wi-Fi to conduct a training exercise in the desert or you're setting up a youth sporting event, large public gatherings rarely occur these days without the availability of high-speed Internet.

Simply Bits engineers are skilled at deploying solutions to help make your event a success. We provide temporary or remote broadband services for conferences, job fairs, rallies, sporting events, street fairs and concerts.

Construction Sites

Simply Bits provides the ideal solution for construction firms that require off-site networks for fast file sharing and efficient communication with vendors, staff and subs. We provide high speed connectivity and services that line up with construction timelines. We offer daily, weekly and monthly packages which include Internet, VoIP phone and fax. These installations are completed using equipment that does not penetrate or damage the exterior of the trailer or mobile unit.

As an additional bonus, Simply Bits can create a private metro network to connect your construction site back to your main office for the sharing of architectural drawings or other technical documents. We will link multiple construction trailers and additional sites for shared phone, Internet and/or data networks. If needed, we provide a high-speed Internet connection in order to complete a Wi-Fi connection throughout the job site.

Simply Bits phones on this type of network can act as an extension of your corporate phone system, allowing you to keep your existing 4-digit dialing scheme for added efficiency so your employees don’t have to memorize a whole new set of phone numbers. Don’t forget to ask about our special calling features like “auto attendant” and “cell phone dual ring” that are perfect solutions for remote workers.

Conferences And Public Gatherings

As high-speed Internet becomes more widespread, the need for Internet to serve large public gatherings is becoming more and more common. Event organizers need to reach servers at central offices for registration information and corporate e-mail, and event attendees expect to be able to access the Internet. Public areas, conference halls and convention centers generally have sufficient Internet - either through Wi-Fi or 3G - for day-to-day activities; however, when hundreds or thousands of people with the latest phones and tablets all try to access the local network at once, availability may be seriously impacted. Simply Bits brings additional high-speed internet capacity to existing locations to augment services and provide an excellent experience to event attendees. Our engineers plan for event capacity and develop Wi-Fi networks that meet event needs.

Mobile Retail

Are you having a retail show or street fair? Not only does Simply Bits provide high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi, we help with phone lines too. There is no need to pull in traditional phone lines for phones, fax, and credit card processing. Simply Bits will bring phone and fax lines and also provide individual phones for each vendor. Vendors connect their credit card machines to our Internet using the Ethernet port on the back of their credit card machines.

Public Safety

High-speed low latency wireless technology from Simply Bits gives metro-Tucson business flexible connectivity choices and alternatives to the big-box providers.

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