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Internet Installation

Simply Bits delivers terrestrial wireless Internet service for the home or business. This service will be delivered with a radio and dish (Equipment) that will be attached to Customer’s exterior wall or roof. The radio will need to have clear line-of-sight to a nearby Simply Bits tower. Because of this limitation, the dish may be visible from the ground.

Simply Bits will install the radio in the most convenient place to achieve line-of-sight and will run an Ethernet wire from the radio into your house/building using the most expeditious route. A small box (surge suppressor) will be installed near the entry point to help protect your computer(s) from lightning. A ground wire will be run from this box, also using the most expeditious route, to a nearby ground connection. If a ground connection is not readily available, Simply Bits' installer will leave a length of ground wire attached to the surge suppressor, which will need to be connected to a ground rod by a qualified electrician.

If desired, an electrician or cabling contractor can be hired to pre-install wiring from the roof to the specified location within the residence. Simply Bits will provide the cable installation specifications.

Residential  Internet Installation