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Dedicated colocation provides your servers a reliable, secure, constant connection to the Internet through one of the world’s finest telecommunication networks.

The control you want at the price you need

Building and expanding the facilities that house network architecture can be a major roadblock to your company’s success. A streamlined colocation center clears the way for companies in a variety of industries who are seeking a faster, more economical way to deploy their networks. Simply Bits dedicated colocation provides your servers a reliable, secure, constant connection to the Internet through one of the world’s finest telecommunication networks, all for one monthly service fee!

What is Colocation?

Colocation is a smart alternative to building and managing your own data center facility. Have your server physically located in a secure Internet-connected facility maintained by Simply Bits. This is done to allow your server to be on a high-speed Internet connection while also limiting other security risks of having your server on your own network. Simply Bits provides a state-of-the-art solution that enables you to reap the benefits of our world-class colocation facility, network, and support services, instead of investing in additional overhead associated with maintaining your own facility and support.

Do You Need Colocation?

  1. Do you need wholesale, high-capacity bandwidth?
  2. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  3. Do you host web or email servers or have remote users accessing our network via VPN?
  4. Do you have multiple locations and need to centralize data storage?
  5. Do you require secure off-site backup for critical data applications?

Additonal Options

We have mobile monitors, keyboard and mouse available for use with your servers while you are in the datacenter to perform work. All other equipment required for functioning of your systems requires rental of the needed space on a per unit basis.

Other options:

  • Accessories
  • Extra shelf
  • Additional power
  • Additional switch ports
  • Media storage locker
  • Additional bandwidth
  • Power upgrade
  • System monitoring (HTTP, FTP, DNS, POP3, SSL, SMTP, TELNET, ICMP)
  • Colocation clients may bring in their own rack if desired.

Features and Benefits

Standard Features

  • 24x7 access to our biometrically secured, temperature controlled server room
  • Diesel generator backup
  • Dual redundant A/C units
  • Multiple fiber backbones and providers entering the building from different directions
  • 24x7 network monitoring
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Fully ventilated, front and rear accessible cabinet
  • Full, half, and third enclosures or racks are available

Colocation Benefits

  • Our low monthly service fee is usually much cheaper than in-house facilities.
  • Your servers receive a secure, reliable connection to the Internet for a fraction of the cost of running dedicated circuits to your own facility.
  • Your network will achieve the 99.999% service availability level demanded by today’s 24x7 business world.
  • Our data center is a secure off-site facility for disaster recovery use.
  • No rushing to colocation facilities to troubleshoot hardware or network failures.
  • Peace of mind knowing that all other approved customers have had background checks to ensure the security of our facility.

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