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What Makes Your WiFi Work the Best?

Jan 29, 2019

In today's modern home, WiFi isn't an option, it's a necessity. Your laptop, tablet, digital assistant, and other smart devices have little use until they connect to the Internet. Surveys show by 2020 each person will have approximately 6.58 personal electronic devices needing a WiFi connection. Many homes have 20+ devices today!

But not all WiFi is the same.

WiFi solutions differ across a variety of manufacturers and greatly contribute to your Internet experience. For example, WiFi networks using WiFi extenders, can slow mobile devices as they move throughout your home by latching onto a device and holding it even when a stronger signal is available. And even WiFi routers with external antennas can leave pockets of your home inaccessible to the Internet due to the type of home construction and the distance between your WiFi router and connected devices. Poor WiFi design and coverage can slow your Internet connection to a crawl and render it effectively useless.

Even the best, most reliable Internet connection depends on WiFi to make it useful in your home.

If your Internet connection is noticeably slow and your smart devices intermittently fail, you may have a WiFi problem in your home.

Our Home WiFi service is designed as a meshed network to support today's connected home, with many devices competing for the Internet. Meshed technology assures your device is always connected to the strongest WiFi signal available, handing you off to service points with the highest WiFi signal strength. Meshed WiFi is the best solution to keep your devices connected to the Internet with the coverage and range of Internet experience you can enjoy in your home.

Contact one of our Residential Specialists to talk about Home WiFi and its ability to improve your Internet experience: 520-382-5880 or visit our Home WiFi page.