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Can I use VoIP service from (Vonage, Ooma, Broadvoice, etc) on your service?

Generally speaking, yes, you can use VoIP service on our network. Because different VoIP providers utilize different methods, protocols and codecs we cannot guarantee voice quality. Proper configuration of your router and QoS (quality of service) are critical to good audio quality. You should prioritize voice traffic ahead of all other traffic, and deprioritize P2P (peer to peer, or file sharing traffic) or even restrict its bandwidth to the bare minimum. The following are items we have gleaned from various sources that may be helpful. If you need assistance configuring QoS on your router please contact your router manufacturer. Simply Bits does not endorse or recommend any VoIP provider or router.

  • Set QoS using MAC addresses. Your Vonage box should be set to premium and all others to bulk;
  • Vonage uses about 90kbit/sec bandwidth. Reserve 90Kb of bandwidth just for your Vonage use;
  • How to setup QoS on a Linksys WRT54G
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