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Simply Bits Hosted VoIP

Redefining the Concept of a Business Phone System

Simply Bits maintains and constantly upgrades state of the art, standards-based voice communications technology that is cost efficient, flexible, and feature rich. Never again will you need to buy a "phone system."  VoIP delivers better productivity, lower costs and plenty of useful features. Call us with one of your phone bills and we’ll look over it, do a comparison and give you a call to let you know how much more we can offer you.

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We Manage it for You

Your Simply Bits Hosted VoIP phone service is centrally managed in our high-security data center where we provide all the redundancy, fault tolerance and reliability discerning customers demand. You never have to worry about capacity or availability. You have nothing to manage locally other than the actual phones themselves, allowing you to get all the advantages of an enterprise-class phone system without the bulky equipment, software and service contracts to maintain, support staff to hire, or problems and issues to resolve.

Simply Bits Hosted VoIP Solutions

Simply Bits Hosted VoIP is a flexible system that works equally well for customers with a single office, multiple offices or temporary sites, as well as those needing automatic call distribution, flexible IVR's,  DECT6.0 cordless SIP phones, any-time flexibility, capacity for expansion and more.   

VoIP Phone Benefits

  • Provides advanced communications at affordable cost. 
  • A single Cat-5 Ethernet wiring system is used for both data and voice to every desktop.
  • Includes advanced features including call parking, call conferencing, direct dial, dual ring, voicemail to email, call following, and more.
  • Prevents “vendor lock-in” by utilizing standards-based technologies and hardware.
  • Easily integrates into e-mail systems to create unified inbox for e-mail, faxes and voicemail.
  • Provides users with personal phone numbers, allowing customers to reach employees faster.
  • Has virtually unlimited capabilities for interactive voice response systems and auto-attendants.         
  • Allows multiple offices or locations to work together as a single phone system without requiring special phone lines or tie lines.
  • Makes add/moves/changes easy – phones can be plugged in anywhere on the LAN and the phone follows the user.
  • Allows you to use on-premise or cloud-based resources.
  • It is simple to deploy, no need for seperate phone system wiring, it plugs into your existing LAN.

Hosted VoIP Bundles Includes The Following:

  • Managed firewall router with Wi-Fi
  • Phone service including voicemail for each extension
  • Internet access
  • Static IP address
  • Single level interactive Voice Response / Auto Attendant
  • Cordless phones, operator phones and conference phones are also available


  • Auto Attendant
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voice Mail
  • Unified inbox / Voice Mail to Email
  • Dual ring desk phone and cell phone
  • Phone line roll-over
  • Direct Inward Dial phone numbers
  • Conference Calling
  • Intercom calls
  • Multiple locations
  • Custom ring groups
  • Call recording
  • Paging

Get business VoIP Phones or Fax to Email Services

Simply Bits VoIP Service is a flexible system that works equally well for customers with a single office, multiple offices or temporary sites as well as those needing advanced features and expansion capabilities.  Contact us today to discuss the solution that is a perfect fit for your business.

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