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As a trusted partner with BV Commerce, Simply Bits provides the full array of Design, Development, Marketing and Hosting you need to deploy a perfectly tailored e-commerce solution.

Extreme Flexibility to Change with Business

Merchants and developers alike tell us the same thing: they love how easily BV Commerce is modified to suit their needs. BV is packed with tons of features out-of-the-box, but eventually you’ll need some functionality that is unique to your business and processes. Fear not! The developer-friendly ASP.NET architecture makes modifying BV pain-free.

Broaden Your Client Base

In an incredible time when a small retailer has the ability to sell to a marketplace of more than a billion Internet users for a few hundred dollars a month. Invest in your storefront. It has the potential to create a return on investment beyond your wildest dreams. Choose a good platform. Make sure your design is exceptional. Study your users and make sure you’re meeting their needs.

Order Management at a Glance

View a list of orders on an easy to filter screen. Pick out items that need attention at a glance using our color-coded status buttons. The action drop down list provides quick access to common order tasks.

Fault Tolerant Shopping

Internet connections can go down and traffic loads can go up. BV Commerce was designed to gracefully handle unpredictable conditions. Automatically recover shopping carts if a customer accidentally closes their browser. Accept orders even if your credit card gateway is unavailable or your real time shipping provider is experiencing a slow down.

Technical Solutions for Non-Technical Merchants

The licensed package has excellent extensibility created in a very modular way, making it easy for developers to customize the platform for their clients. Both the licensed and hosted packages also emphasize usability for non-technical merchants. There are also some great drag-and-drop features to the admin portion of the software to help merchants quickly sort items. If you can check your email you are able to run a store using BV Commerce.

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