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Application Development

Professional application development provides custom software solutions tailored to meet the demands of your organization

Simply Bits Enterprise Services (SBES) developers are skilled in efficiently building high-end Internet and client-server software systems. Simply Bits uses a blend of reusable technologies, custom software, and off-the-shelf components to build tailored software solutions for businesses in many industries. SBES provides integrated and scalable IT solutions that give organizations the flexibility to combine service and support when and where needed.

Custom Development

Simply Bits takes a practical approach to software development.

As software development has evolved, the separation between Windows, Mobile, Server, Website and eCommerce solutions has blurred. Now, many types of applications share the same business complexities and coding requirements. Simply Bits excels with web application development. Coming from a traditional software development background, Simply Bits has formal processes and procedures in place to successfully complete complex projects.

We specialize in developing scalable solutions that are robust and cost effective. Our designs are done with extensive database-side business logic including User Defined Functions, Procedures, and Referential Integrity. We also do performance optimization, backup, data reporting and analysis.

In addition, we use encryption and proven security methods to make solutions reliable, secure and efficient. For those projects that require custom checkout processing, we have developed complete PCI compliant systems integrated with, PayPal, Braintree, Protex, and others.

Database Development

Simpy Bits certified database programmers are well-versed in the art of making your data work for you. Achieve elastic scale out across thousands of databases to support temporary or sustained high-throughput application patterns—backed by the power and presence of Azure. Achieve more predictable performance and gain more insight into database performance with dashboard views that are available programmatically or via the management portal and expose key database metrics.

Developing a tailored solution harnessing the power and reach of Azure allows you to mix-and-match services with SQL Databases.  Azure provides addtional options to meet your unique modern app design needs, drive costs down and increase resource efficiencies which in turn, unlocks new business opportunities.

Integrations and Automation

Simply Bits uses their development expertise to eliminate mundane digital tasks creating the efficiencies to allow your resources to do more with their time. Developing installation wizards, automating report creation and aligning software processes are all methods to increase the production for your front line.  Let our DevOps team simplify the technical routines that hobble your staff with redundant efforts instead of working on new initiatives to drive company success.

Simply Bits provides software interfacing between your web presence and your business applications and more.  Whether you're seeking a method of reconciling sales orders across multiple networks or pulling performance metrics across systems or resources, Simply Bits will assist you in the design, development and implementation to see your business needs become a reality.  Thus, putting the power of IT at your fingertips and allowing you to make decisions at the speed of business.

Find Out More

Do you want to find out more about the solutions developed by Simply Bits Enterprise Services? Want to know how we can create a custom solution for your organization? We would be happy to discuss your particular organization's needs and determine how we will make a difference. Please, give us a call at (520) 545-0050, or fill out the contact form online and we will get back with you.