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Department Management (vCIO)

Managed Infrastructure steps in and provides your organization with a world class Enterprise IT department.  Key SBES resources maintain active seats on the board of local organizations; working with our clients to direct their business and utilize technology to improve operations driving these organizations into the future.

An intelligently managed infrastructure must have the necessary management systems, highly trained personnel, and management processes in order to leverage your information technology resources effectively inside your organization. Whether the organization is for a turnkey- enterprise IT department, custom tailored solutions, IT project management or C-level consulting, Simply Bits Enterprise Services can provide a solution for your unique situation.

Rather than merely responding to a company’s IT related issues, SBES takes on an active role within a client’s executive management team, working with its clients to design, deploy and maintain technology solutions tasked with increasing the operational efficiency of the organization. Taking on this role inside of an organization, allows SBES vCIOs, engineering, development, helpdesk and support staff to intelligently manage (or work with existing IT resources to manage) infrastructure technologies that will change the way the business or institution operates.

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