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Infrastructure Solutions

Simply Bits regularly engages with its clients on complex projects such as infrastructure design for new facilities

These projects begin with SBES account management teams working with their clients to design architectural plans, coordinate electrical and wiring infrastructure with subcontractors, and deploy technologies upon completion of the construction.

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Your organization needs to remain agile to respond to its business needs, and its technology should enable these goals, not delay or prohibit them. SBES Solution Consulting enables our clients to analyze their long-term business growth objectives, define their goals and understand capital costs and operational expenses before jumping into an IT integration project. These projects afford a ground-up design that serve clients for the foreseeable future across a variety of technologies (servers/ workstations, LAN/WAN networking, wireless infrastructure, physical security and access control, environmental systems, kiosks, voice-over-internet protocol, software solutions based on Microsoft platforms).

Below are common infrastructure constraints that effect organizations today:

  • Managing complexity

    - With business growth comes increasingly complex technology, making it difficult for most management staff to respond effectively.
  • Increased administration overhead

    - Intensive management tasks escalate costs and limits scaling to seize new opportunities.
  • Lengthy management processes

    - Businesses today require speed, and the infrastructure must adapt quickly to changing business requirements.
  • End-to-end QoS management

    - The delivery methods become more complex and the quality of the entire process must be managed.
  • Business perspectives

    - Administrators and planners must be able to track and measure service flows across the infrastructure

Infrastructure Solutions Services

Managed Infrastructure

Simply Bits provides a comprehensive design and implementation of your infrastructure complimented by first class service in remote monitoring, maintenance and support.

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Network Design

Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) require expertise in configuration and security to provide effective and safe data transmissions. 

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IT Management and Insourcing

Simply Bits provides support plans that reduce cost yet strongly enable your on-site IT resources.  This gives your team more time to work on critical issues key to your business.

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