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Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Simply Bits’ Microsoft-certified engineers and architects will guide your organization through the migration process and ensure that all expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

  • Multiple Gold Microsoft Partner
  • Experienced Office 365 Consulting
  • Microsoft-certified Engineers, Architects, and Developers
  • Locally owned business

Simply Bits will make your organization’s transition to the cloud simple and painless.

Office 365 Benefits

Become more agile and mobile, and benefit from advanced cloud technologies by migrating your organization to Office 365.

  • Access every file. Anytime.

    Share files over the cloud with SharePoint, OneDrive, and more. With Office 365, users will have access to everything they need on any device, from any location, at any time.

  • Enhance Team Communication

    Enhance team collaboration and synchronization with Microsoft’s modern office chat, file sharing, and document editing applications. Users can easily share files, communicate in real time, provide feedback on in-progress work, and much more.

  • Worry-Free Infrastructure

    Never worry about internal infrastructure again. With the full suite of Office 365's applications in the cloud, your organization can leave the maintaining and securing of its network in Simply Bits’ capable hands. Multiple office-essential programs and devices are kept in sync and up-to-date—automatically.

  • Seamless Administration

    Enjoy Office 365's seamless administration tools. Intuitive control panels and easy-to-use applications keep control in the administrators' hands, so you can stay organized and keep your teams managed.

Office 365 Migrations Methods

Simply Bits assists with Microsoft’s standardized migration methods.

  • Cutover Migration:

    This method is best suited for small business. We help migrate all user mailboxes, data, and features on local hardware to the cloud all at once.

  • Staged Migration:

    This method is done over time and in various stages, migrating small batches of data at a time. This is best suited for larger organizations with lots of data.

  • Hybrid Migration:

    This method is for organizations that require both on-premise and cloud solutions, and needs the flexibility to move freely between each. We ensure both types of infrastructures will synergize and work together.

  • AAD Connect and Single Sign-On:

    This method migrates all the organization’s data to the cloud, but keeps Active Directory on-premise. This enables organizations to experience the full benefits of Microsoft Office 365, yet still have full control of their AD environment. On-premises and cloud-based resources are accessed with the same username and password.

Office 365 Training

Simply Bits offers Microsoft Office 365 training to our customers, whether they’re pre-migration, post-migration, or have been a long-standing Office 365 customer and simply need some assistance. Our Office 365 specialists train users in how to take advantage all of Office 365’s advanced features and applications.

Office 365 Support

Our specialists are always happy to help and assist our customers post-migration. Need support for your current Office 365 configuration? We can help with that, too. We provide a white-glove level of support to IT Pros and end-users alike, and tailor our support plans to fit unique organizational needs.

Get an estimate on your Office 365 move

If you’re ready to transition to Office 365 or want to start planning your migration to the cloud, please fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. We will assist in choosing the best migration option that fits your business requirements and budget.

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