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Network Design

SBES Network Design (WAN and LAN) Services help clients make the most of their network resources. Organizations with geographically diverse locations have many challenges to secure their network and ensure optimal use of WAN links. After the network traffic flows are understood, SBES is able to design high-functioning, highly available WAN/LAN solutions. These WANs and LANs are designed and deployed using Simply Bits best practices, many of which are based on knowledge gained from operating the premier ISP in southern Arizona. Our engineers design custom end-to-end solutions including physical WAN links, network switching equipment, router and firewall hardware/software as well as all of the configuration and support to ensure that solutions address the needs of an enterprise.  Once a WAN/LAN has been deployed, the technologies and configurations used permit the solution to be managed under an SBMI contract to ensure its successful operation. The result is a highly functional network designed with redundancy, load balancing and a variety of security options that serve as the foundation for additional enterprise technologies. Our services ensure that communications occur at the speed of business.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Creating a logical network layer designed to span geographical and organizational boundaries to facilitate the infrastructure that your business communications rely on.

  1. Secure Communications - Security of an organizations data is paramount and with state-of-the-art technologies, Simply Bits secures WAN communications to ensure data is protected in transit. Often times the security of a WAN connection is overlooked or the technology is not fully understood and is implemented jeopardizing the overall efficiency of offsite communications.
  2. Traffic Prioritization and routing – Ensures that bandwidth is managed based on priority and impact to the organization. Least cost routing and routing based on traffic types will ensure that WAN traffic takes the most efficient route and makes redundancy possible for larger campuses.

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