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Commonly asked questions about Simply Bits WiFi Hotspots

Q: Your site is prompting me to download something. What is going to be downloaded to my computer?
A: If it actually says "download", it is not our site. We do not download anything to your computer. While a cookie may or may not be used, it is not considered a "download". If you have cookies turned off or set to "ask before allowing" you may be prompted to download the cookie. Otherwise we do not download anything to your computer.

Q: Will I receive any advertising or email from your company?
A: We will NEVER sell or give away your information to third parties. We do not currently send any advertising or email from our company.

Q: Will my computer be vulnerable to attacks if I use your service"
A: Your computer is no more vulnerable to attack than when used on any Internet service. We cannot guarantee against malicious content or attacks. If you are connecting from an open hotspot you should take the proper precautions when connecting to the Internet via any service, including ours.

Q: Will using your service or allowing the download affect my firewall?
A: Our service makes no changes (and cannot change) to a users firewall.

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