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How to connect to a wireless network?

This would be used to connect a computer that has a wireless card to a wireless network

  1. Check to make sure that the computer has a wireless network card installed
  2. Check that the wireless network card is turned on
    1. Some computers have a manual switch to turn the wireless card on and off
  3. Check Network Settings
    1. Make sure that the computer is set up for DHCP or to obtain IP automatically
  4. Search for the network name you would like to connect to
  5. Check the signal strength of the network
    1. Most wireless software has an indicator that tells you a signal is being received. Make sure the signal quality/strength are "good". If not then move the computer to a position where the signal is "good".
  6. Click on the network name you would like to connect to
    1. Click "Connect" if it requires
    2. If the network requires a password, type in the password for the network when it asks for it
  7. Open up a web browser and enjoy

Note: If you are connecting to a Hotspot, you will need to authenticate through a web browser. If the computer does not automatically pull one up, open up a web browser to authenticate.

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