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I have been using the network regularly and have noticed that the signal and speed will vary from one session to another

This document will inform you why the Wireless reception changes on different locations of your house.

  • Wood, people, walls, pillars, bookshelves and other environmental variables can all have an affect on wireless communications.
  • Wireless devices run in different spectrums, 2.4 ghz (most common one) and 5ghz band.

Please check which one you are running by logging into your router (check your router manual or website for How-to. The most normal default for out of the box configuration is 2.4 ghz at the channel 1 (2.412). If your next door neighbor is running at the same frequency you might experience bad service. Also 2.4 ghz is the frequency in which your microwave operates, so that could be another source of interference.

If you use 5ghz it is less likely that you are causing interference, but you want to be careful as not all devices support this frequency yet. Another downside of the 5ghz frequency is that it doesn't travel as well as 2.4 when it goes thru walls.

There are different applications for your cellphone that will let you run 2.4ghz or 5ghz spectrum analysers, but if you have any questions please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Simply Bits does not manage your Wi-Fi connection or router.

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