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Outbound Faxing - Unable to send a fax

What are the specifics? How are you trying to send faxes?

There's a multitude of reason as to why you cant send a fax.

Here are a few common things you can check for:

  1. Check the number you're trying to send to, if you call it on your phone do you receive fax tone?
  2. Ensure that the phone line is firmly plugged into the back of your fax machine. 
  3. ensure that the over all line quality of your phone lines are good. check for physical ware
  4. ensure the phone line works, you can test this by plugging in a analog telephone to the line and see if you get dial tone.
  5. your machine is having difficulties training with the other device
  6. your mediatrix could be stuck on an operation, try rebooting the device (the little blue or black box the phone line from your fax machine plugs into)

Should all else fail, and you are using  mediatrix Device. Please call into Simplybits technical support at (520) 545-0333

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