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Antivirus, Malware, Spyware, SPAM and Macintosh Utilities

The information on this page has been gathered from various resources across the Internet and has not been individually verified by Simply Bits. Simply Bits makes no warranties or representations with regard to these products or services. Many of these are free for home and/or non-commercial use. Simply Bits provides this list as a courtesy to our residential customers so that they can better secure their computers.

AntiVirus Products

RootKit Detection Tools

Malware and Spyware

  • a-Squared Free
  • Ad-Aware
  • Cleanup!
  • The Cleaner
  • Hijack This! - is for advanced users!! If you are not familiar with running processes on your computer as well as anything ever installed that could tie into your web browser, you could potentially damage your computer! You should have scanned your machine with anti-spyware, virus and trojan tools before using Hijack This.
  • IE:SpyAd - adds a long list of sites and domains associated with known advertisers, marketers, and crapware pushers to the Restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer. Once you merge this list of sites and domains into the Registry, the web sites for these companies will not be able to use cookies, ActiveX controls, Java applets, or scripting to compromise your privacy or your PC while you surf the Net. Nor will they be able to use your browser to push unwanted pop-ups, cookies, or auto-installing programs on your PC.
  • Microsoft Safety Scan
  • PrevX
  • SpyBot Search and Destroy
  • Spyware Blaster
  • Spyware Guard


  • IP Cop - A free, Linux based firewall that is very robust and has a good user interface. However, it is not a program you install on Windows but something you install to a seperate computer. IP Cop can be run on any Intel compatible PC and as little resources as a 486 with 64MB of RAM. Locally you can buy an old Pentium 200 with 64MB of RAM from World Care for under $50 - the same as purchasing the professional version of many Windows based software programs. This is better suited to a business than to a residential user.
  • Jetico Personal Firewall
  • Zone Alarm

Spam Filtering Software

  • Avantrix SafeCheck - Allows you to pre check your email before actually downloading the full messages. The easiest way to avoid any spam, or virus infected messages, without losing any messages that you want to keep.
  • MailWasher
  • Thunderbird - is not spam filtering software, but a replacement for Outlook, Outlook Express or any other mail client. Thunderbird has an integrated Spam filter

Antivirus and Malware Utilities for Apple OS/X

Other Resources

  • An article on how to clean and disinfect your computer after is has become infected
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