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Email is rejected by the Simply Bits server as SPAM

Simply Bits uses a number of conservative RBL and/or DNSBL lists to reduce the amount of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE aka SPAM). These lists have demonstrated the best defense against UCE, with the lowest risk of mail being rejected. If someone sent email to your email address and it was tagged as SPAM please review the following before contacting us:

  1. Contact the person who tried to email you;
  2. Ask them to browse to from the computer from which they sent the email;
  3. Make note of the IP address;
  4. Browse to the Anti-Abuse Project, MSRBL, or any other multi RBL site and enter the IP address from step #3;
  5. If the IP address from #3 is listed on any of the sites as "Infected" the person who tried to email you either has an infected computer, or someone else at that IP addess is infected. The sender should contact their IT person to have their computer checked for a computer virus;
  6. Once the computer has been disinfected the sender should contact their ISP to have their IP address de-listed.
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