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How to use the new Smartermail Web interface

In this article you will get a very Basic understanding of How to use the New Smarter mail web interface.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How to send a new email
  • How to change spam filter settings
  • How to add a sub folder for organization
  • How to add contacts
  • How to modify your calender

How to send a new Email

To send a new email you would simply click on the Pencil and paper Icon, then select "message"


Once this has been done, a dialog box will pop up. Just simply fill out the appropriate fields and then click send to send your email.


How To change Spam Filter Settings

To change the spam filter settings you would simply click on the Cog Icon, then go to filtering. Click the "+" symbol and finally go to spam filtering.


The best way to filter spam would be to use the servers default spam settings.

However you can create your own customer rules if you like.

To do this you would start by going into the current weights tab


From here you can specify what each suspected spam message will weigh (what its threshold is , the higher the weight the more of a chance it's spam.) i.e if you get something from spamhaus, it will add a weight of 10 etc etc. As you can see above you can adjust their weights.

Now to the actions tab.


From here you can specify what action happens based on what weight the message hold's

I.e if its a weight 30+ it will go directly to the junk email folder

Again, these can be adjusted to suite your needs.

How to add a sub folder for organization

To add a sub Folder for organizational purposes you will need to be in the mail section of your interface.


Once there, right click on the main mailbox you would like to modify, for example we will use my inbox.

After you right click it should give you the option to add a new folder


Once you click new folder you can create a sub folder and select which ever main folder you would like as its parent.


Once you have added the folder you should see it under whichever main folder you set as the parent folder.


How to add a new contact

To add a new contact you would click on the contact button

And then click "new"


Once you click "new" you will be prompted with a dialog box, Fill out all the applicable info and you've made a new contact.


How to Add entries to your calender

To add a new entry to your calender you would go to the calender Icon.


once there you would simply click new, Then fill out he applicable information.


Thus concludes my Basic run down on the new Smartermail web interface.

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